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Gaze at old maps, tiled tunnels and historic advertisements, and watch the metro trains whizz by from the glass enclosed platform. This modern cathedral, completed in 1993, makes a striking contrast to Spain’s traditional cathedral architecture; the Neo-Gothic interior is brightly decorated with bold, colourful frescos, stained-glass windows and mosaics.There is also a video about the history of the station. There is also a Neo-Romanesque crypt and excavated remains of Moorish and medieval city walls.Then, once Cigna has fully implemented its CAP, Cigna must submit to CMS an attestation from Cigna’s Chief Executive Officer, or most senior official, stating that Cigna has corrected the deficiencies that are the basis for the sanction and those deficiencies are unlikely to recur.Plus, CMS is requiring Cigna to hire an independent auditor to conduct a validation audit of all operational areas cited in the Notice of Imposition of Immediate Intermediate Sanctions and to provide a written report to CMS.If you don’t have time to go, it’s worth passing by just to see the exterior vertical garden.This local hasn’t changed much since it opened in 1950.

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Now, the station has been returned to its former early 20-century glory.

On a clear day you can see all the way to the Sierra!

There is plenty of space and you can sit at a table or sprawl out on a sun lounger.

Situated at the lower end of the Paseo del Prado, across from the Botanical Gardens, this exhibition centre has a fascinating rotation of temporary showings that have ranged from artwork by the Pixar creative department to an incredible Miquel Barceló retrospective.

Check the website to see what will be on during your visit.The bar serves their famous sangria in small or large pitchers. You can pop in for a snack or two, or spend a whole evening hopping from counter to counter. Step inside and you’ll feel miles away from the bustling city.