Americans dating brazilians

23-Sep-2020 16:08

I read an article in a Men’s magazine (GQ, Men’s Health, or a similar magazine) several years ago, written by a guy that went to Brazil to “research” Brazilian women.

What I remember about the article was that the author stated that the local women were much more open about their sexuality (than US women) and that once these women heard there was Western guy in their midst, these women would practically fight over the guy.

It may be smart to learn a few Portuguese words first and have your online translator ready.

Smart phones are popular tools for Brazilian dating, like in the rest of the western world.

Brazilian women are known for their open mind, something that attracts most men.

Cultural experience and the sharing of customs and traditions make an online relationship very enriching.

Get ready to read about her culture, talk to people who are already in relationships with women from Brazil, and gather all kind of information.

Expect to spend some time to choose who may fit you.You may lose her if you ask her to pose on a photo without bikini.

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