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volume 1 is an adorable, chuckle-inducing, fast-paced read.While readers may feel especially sorry for the seal and view the relationship that develops between him and the polar bear with mixed feelings, it's more heartwarming than alarming in the end.His encounter with a deliberately beached blue whale further deepens the sadness of his story, while still driving home the lesson that you have to do what it takes to survive, which is likely what the adult male bear was doing when it dragged away Polar Bear's adoptive brother.Later a seagull waits futilely for Polar Bear to eat Seal so that he can clean up the mess in the symbiotic relationship that nature has designed for them.At worst the manipulation just feels clumsily earnest.There is something sincere in the tragic material that suggests is taking the emotions of this story more seriously than its generally flippant tone and its idiotic sensibilities hint, an unnamable element that actually makes seal's constant fear of being eaten simultaneously funnier and sadder when it becomes clear his fear is very justified.Polar bear's backstory is a surprisingly raw slice of sentiment that somehow both provides a goofy explanation for his love of seal and an utterly believable tale of loss and woe. It doesn't come by its pathos the same way -rending tragedy comes too early and is too sudden a break with the established mood to play naturally; it's too easy to wring tears out of the audience when one subjects adorable, helpless animals to violent loss and loneliness.

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And the interlude where seal's mom takes him away for his protection is so oddly paced and plotted it needs a complete restructuring.

But the fact that a series I was so ready to dismiss turned out to be one of the most charming of all has me curious enough to look forward to the next installment.

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