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01-Apr-2020 19:43

Consider the implications of sexuality and gender on image creation, looking and being looked at.Option 1: Look at terms of service (To S) of websites/platforms you frequent (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Grindr, Tinder).

How do age, gender and identity factor in image-making practices?Find the sections in which any reference to sexuality is mentioned.Write an essay analyzing the To S of one of these websites.Women understandably complain about this for two main reasons: "Men are GROSS" is the most common explanation that women have for this. Do they really think I'm going to magically want to have sex with them now, after seeing their penis?

" As silly as this issue might seem to be, it offers some genuine opportunity for insight into the ways that modern technology reveals interesting aspects of sexuality and gender.

How do the Tinder cases studies represent visual cultures of gender and sexuality?