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22-Dec-2020 06:59

Whether it’s a double-take or jaw-drop, people tend to have knee-jerk reactions when they see a beautiful person, and Beautiful People doesn’t try to sugarcoat that fact.

“There are all of these subtle cultural differences in how people perceive beauty, which is why if you’re being voted on by your countrymen, those votes count so much more,” Greg said.“Communities need to be exclusive to serve the greater purpose of the community. “The success stories — that’s the most rewarding aspect of it all for us,” Greg said. And the site’s main focus will always be to continue addressing the perceived “taboo” needs of their audience and offering these singles an alternative to mainstream dating sites.We’re open to every race, color, creed, religion, and ethnicity,” he said. “But people use Beautiful People for many different reasons. “If you’re going to be on a mainstream dating site, you’ll be getting emails from people you’re just not interested in because you’re not attracted to them,” Greg said.“The site fit my mold of being a private members club, and I saw that the dating market was going to become more niche as it went forward — as it did — and Beautiful People certainly appealed to me,” he said. Beautiful People has democratized the online dating process with its one-of-a-kind voting system.

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“If the online dating market was a nightclub, Beautiful People would be the VIP room,” Greg said. To get accepted onto the site permanently, singles sign up and put up a picture and some basic profile information.

If a single isn’t voted in, he or she can always try again by submitting a new photo and profile text.

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