Boys scared of dating

24-Sep-2019 03:31

What I’m scared of is getting intimate with someone, and then coming to regret it afterwards.

It’s giving the power to someone who may not deserve it that is so unappealing.

I don’t have the energy or time to find someone who’s willing to spend the night with me, and I certainly don’t have the patience for the awkward goodbyes come morning.

When you don’t have dating on your mind, not getting a text means nothing to you.

I’m delightful company, and I would rather hold court with Ernest Hemingway than a Tinder date.

A random guy may spit a lot of game over text and yet be completely mundane over a dinner table.

I know I’ll always be in love with myself, so can’t that just be enough to satiate me?

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For me, I’d rather just be finished with the whole thing. I’d rather not seek out a potential partner when I know there is the potential for getting my heart broken.When you just went out on a great date and are playing the whole coy, cat and mouse game, you spend countless hours starting at your phone, praying for a response.It’s the pit in the bottom of my stomach that I have no interest in pursuing.I would rather spend it with people of substance than potentially drain it.

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I don’t have it in me to be anything other than completely myself.I’m over trying to put myself out there when all I ever get in return are bruises and emotional scars.

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