Carbon dating shroud error repair

06-Mar-2020 14:42

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One scientist admitted you could tell which one was the Shroud sample using pictures from a article.For another, a third set of unnecessary control samples for which the labs were unprepared was delivered separately, in envelopes rather than the stainless-steel tubes in which the others had been sent.In simple terms, archaeometrists knew at the time that carbon-14 dating’s reliability had been oversold to the public.The “medieval forgery” theory asks us to believe a medieval super-genius was able not only to transfer a latent 3D image of a beaten and tortured man onto linen but also other interesting details that show up only in a modern laboratory environment using modern tools.

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Even assuming their ignorance of the cutting fiasco, they had every reason to believe the integrity of the experiment had been compromised, undermining its credibility.The “medieval forgery” theory requires a plausible explanation of its creation that fits all the key characteristics of the Shroud image.

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