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Following Smith’s pioneering work, generations of geologists have confirmed that similar and even more extensive fossil sequences exist elsewhere.To this day, fossils are useful as correlation tools to geologists specializing in stratigraphy.In addition, its fossilized population should be sufficiently abundant for discovery to be highly probable.

However, as previously noted, times of volcanism and metamorphism, which are both critical parts of global processes, cannot be correlated by fossil content.Using fossils simply for identification purposes, Smith constructed a map of the various surface rocks outcropping throughout England, Wales, and southern Scotland.Smith’s geologic map was extremely crude, but in its effect on Earth study it was a milestone.By this technique it is possible to detect depth variations in electrical resistivity, self-potential, and gamma-ray emission rate and to interpret such data in terms of continuity of the layering between holes.

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Subsurface structures can thus be defined by the correlation of such layer has four other advantages for purposes of correlation: it was laid down in an instant of geologic time; it settles out over tremendous areas; it permits physical correlation between contrasting sedimentary environments; and unaltered mineral crystals that permit radiometric measurements of absolute age often are present.Furthermore, useful fossils are either rare or totally absent in rocks from Precambrian time, which constitutes more than 87 percent of Earth history.