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Ji,-^01d-cstablislicd Retail; very much neglected; will return £20 week in good liands ; Post-oltice attaelied, paying over .

Valuations for teansfcr of business, Peo'iate, i.c.

^li T'ORCESTER.— Manager, qualified, wanted for Retail and Dis- Vt pensiug business; to live on premises; weekly half-day holi- day.

VLIFIED Manager, married or antieiiiating, for a good-class Mixed business; house ))i-ovidcnl; near large seaport in South; not under 26.

Vssistant (indoors, about 23 years of agel ' for good-class Dispensing business.

Apply, with usual particulars, in first place by letter, to Mayfair, 127 Cambridge Street, Warwick Square S.

Apply, stating salary required, copies of Inst two ref'erenecs, to H.

Send full particulars as to age, salary required, photo, and references, to " X.

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