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Practising painting and drawing as the loving collection of subjects, people met in the flesh and on the page,...

The exhibition centred around a powerful group of seven large-scale paintings where the artist restricted her palette to dark tones of black, red, blue and white.

An exhibition of new and recent pastels by Chantal Joffe.

This is the first exhibition by the artist comprising solely of pastel works on paper.

On New Year’s Day, 2018, the artist set herself the challenge of working on a self-portrait every day for the coming year.

This daily practice – through personal lows and highs, in the shifting white light of a prolonged London winter and the savage heat of New York in summer – has resulted in a series of characteristically unflinching works.

The works offer complex fictional portrayals of the artist's heroines painted chronologically and moving...

'If you do not solve your painting problem in painting human beings, you do not solve it at all'.

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Joffe questions assumptions about what makes a noble subject for art and challenges what our expectations of a feminist art might be.This latest exhibition will include an eclectic and wide-ranging group of subjects across two distinct bodies of new work. Known for her expressive studies of women and children, these new large panels represent a move away from the intimacy characteristic of Chantal Joffe's previous work, and into a realm where the play between physical reality and imagery becomes more...'Joffe is effortlessly fluent in her descriptions of human emotions through manipulated external appearances...It marks a return to Venice for Joffe who, between 19, exhibited four...

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An exhibition of new work by Chantal Joffe, in which celebrated writers keep company with the artist's friends and family members.Titled A Sunday Afternoon in Whitechapel, the work will be on view when the Crossrail station opens in 2020.