Combined tala updating with imsi attach

28-Dec-2020 15:46

The TAU procedure is initiated by an UE in either ECM-IDLE state or ECM-CONNECTED state.

The decision to perform SGW change during the tracking area update procedure is made by the MME independently from the triggers above.

The SGW is relocated when the old SGW cannot continue to serve the UE.

The MME (if the MME has changed then it is the new MME) may also decide to relocate the SGW if a new SGW is expected to serve the UE longer and/or with a more optimal UE to PGW path, or if a new SGW can be co-located with the PGW.

If the new MME indicates that it has authenticated the UE or if the old MME/old S4 SGSN correctly validates the UE, then the old MME/old S4 SGSN starts a timer.

If the UE with emergency bearers is not authenticated in the old MME/old S4 SGSN (in a network supporting unauthenticated UEs) the old MME/old S4 SGSN continues the procedure with sending a Context Response and starting the timer also when it cannot validate the Context Request. If the Context Request is sent to an old MME the old MME responds with a Context Response message.

Also, maybe you are looking for Periodic Tracking Area Update, don't you huh?

Before we begin, let’s check what is a Tracking Area in LTE network.According to the spec I've mentioned above a standalone tracking area update occurs when a GPRS-attached or E UTRAN-attached UE experiences any of the following conditions: For all cases except case "periodic TA update timer" UE shall set the EPS update type IE to "TA updating", but for "TA update timer" case the UE shall set the EPS update type IE to "periodic updating".For trigger marked with "*" the UE shall include a UE radio capability information update needed IE in the TRACKING AREA UPDATE REQUEST message.If you liked it, or content was helpful to you please add " 1" to article you used or share it on facebook or so. Recommendations until now In this article major topic will be Tracking Area Update (TAU) procedure.

Make it easier to find for others who could need those information, allow them find these articles on the spot. What cause it, how the procedure made and what it causes for UE.

If the new MME is configured to allow emergency services for unauthenticated UE the new MME behave as follows: Step 7.

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