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The show moved from Much Music to MTV Canada on October 3, 2013. The show started off with reintroducing the character Emma Nelson from Degrassi High, where she was born to Christine (Spike) Nelson.

In this series, Emma and her friends had entered Junior High and High School.

Lisa Dalbello performed the lyrics with a children's choir over an 80s pop music style tune during the first three seasons.

Dave Ogilvie and Anthony Valcic of Canadian industrial/pop group Jakalope reworked and performed the song with a heavier sound, reflecting the growing maturity of the characters in season four.

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Mc Grath composed the music, and Colero and Stohn wrote the lyrics which include the lines, "Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through, Be the best, the best I can be," to convey a sense of joy and optimism.

The tenth season also dropped the tagline "The Next Generation", with only one original cast member remaining, and due to the young audience unfamiliar with the past generation, referring to the series as "Degrassi".

The Degrassi: The Next Generation opening sequence follows a two- to three-minute cold open.

Challenges and issues that the characters face sometimes mirror what the previous series had, but also have new issues that deal with the current times, such as current technology and cyberspace, school shootings and current views on people of Islamic descent.

Each individual episode of Degrassi is written usually following the same formula with two or three storylines featured (Plot A, Plot B and Plot C).The series has received critical praise throughout its run from many different outlets, including Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, and After

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