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Both dolls are marked: Anne Shirley or just Effanbee.

1940 F & B Suzanne doll, 13 1/2" tall, very similar to the Suzette doll only taller, all composition strung doll, sleep eyes, wigged, this doll has magnets in the palms of her hands so she can hold metal things, like metal wired flowers, a fan or parasol etc.

1942 Effanbee Sweetie Pie doll, 18 or 24" tall, same head mold as F & B Baby Bright Eyes and others, white or black doll, composition head and limbs, stuffed cloth body, flirty sleep eyes, closed mouth, caracul wig over molded hair.

1942 Effanbee Big Brother doll, 16" tall and Effanbee Little Sister doll or Baby Sister doll, 12" tall, cloth bodies with composition shoulder plate head, and composition hands, painted facial features; both have blue painted eyes, cotton yarn hair; his in brown, hers in blonde, closed rosebud tiny painted mouth.

When Jerry and Elaine have dinner with them, Kramer explains that Leslie is a fashion designer and has designed a new puffy shirt "like the pirates used to wear.".

After Elaine tells Leslie that Jerry is making an appearance on The Today Show to promote a Goodwill benefit to clothe the poor and homeless, Leslie says something in response, but they can't make out what she is saying.

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It was the 66th episode and originally aired on September 23, 1993.

Patricia is the big sister if you will to the next three dolls; Brother, Sister and Sugar - Patricia's face reminds us of the Little Lady doll, Anne Shirley head mold.