Dating a politician tips dating mistakes women make with men

29-Jul-2020 17:37

We rely on the standard question, “How was your day?” Generally, that boring question will yield a boring answer such as, “Fine, how was yours?Do you ever feel surprised--good or bad--by how his body looks?Do a Google search on how to get your best body and you’ll be inundated with pages of training tips.

The guy's thoughts:"Seeing a new girlfriend naked is a big moment, for sure.I think the first thing you do is do an instant compare-and-contrast in your own mind with how you pictured she'd look naked, because you've definitely thought about it.There are always little surprises--oh, her nipples are big, oh, she trims down there but doesn't wax, etc.--and those are fun.As the months and years roll on, we tend to slink into our proverbial sweatpants and get lazy in our relationship.

We lose our patience, gentleness, thoughtfulness, understanding and the general effort we once made toward our mate. Over time, we assume that our partner knows us so well that we don’t need to ask for what we want. Expectations are set and just as quickly, they get deflated.” or “What was the most challenging part of your day?