Dating a small town girl

15-Mar-2020 14:04

I was proud of myself for doing everything in my power to be Jeff’s “friend” when so deep inside my heart, I feel pulled to be the girl he loves and holds and takes care of – not the girl he’s friends with. You walked out of the apartment as I started to gather the things of mine that had gradually accumulated in your space.

I cried as I walked through Fort Greene Park, down Dekalb Avenue, and onto South Oxford Street, where I sat for a few minutes on the stoop of our brownstone, taking it all in, and letting a few more tears stream down. I wanted to slip as gently and quietly as I could out your front door, and I wanted the hurt to stop hurting.

Inside the envelope was a t-shirt he’d found of mine, and a CD with “pictures of you” scrawled across it in red marker.” My memories of New York are so real. Should I feel cheated that my memories are so easily captured and contained? But I have to believe that if those two amazing years in New York City seem so tiny now, it bodes well for how big and extraordinary my future must be.

I sat with Jeff on a park bench in Chinatown watching teenagers in t-shirts toss a football to one another.

For the most part I was successful with it, but nothing in life is 100% wonderful all of the time.

This guy’s online profile talked about his love for music and the arts, but my hopes for sophisticated conversation about concerts, galleries, and favorite musicians were crushed when I was met by a dude in half-laced tennis shoes, a black concert t-shirt, and a raggedy messenger bag with a babka inside.

of babka was on the infamous Seinfeld episode during which Elaine waited in a long line for a chocolate babka to take with her to a holiday party.

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