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27-Mar-2020 08:04

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I think you should wait it out a bit more until you are fully recovered.

i do think you should get out but possibly not lead anyone on, make it clear what it is.

Personally I do not feel you are cheating, but that is my opinion. Your own judgment and less what others think because you end up doing what you feel is best for you and then learn a lesson.

People do date after separation though probably not the best idea if you are not completely recovered. I read somewhere it takes 1 to 2 years to fully get over a divorce. Not everything turns out badly as everyone thinks it will. as long as you are clear w/the person(s) you go out with about your situation. Of course you want to be treated nicely...nothing wrong with that, and in my book you're not cheating. I've been separated for almost 2 years and it was only yesterday that I felt truly free.

I turely think at this point, I just feel like I am abandoning him because of course he acts like I am his whole life even though just yesterday he used one of my checks and forged my name for a check in the amount 5. Thanks for letting me get my feeling out and thoughts. Then a two months later he was out of the house on drugs again. My husband signed my name to our tax refund and then blew half of it on drugs.I dated a guy who had been separated from his wife for seven months, but had not filed for divorce yet.Looking back, I should not have dated him until the papers were filed, because two years later, they still had not been done and I truly believe he was still hanging on in some ways..had remained friends with her, still had contact and I don't think was truly ready to end it.Watch out because you might also fall in love and it can just make things harder. Take care of your heart, but also keep in mind that finding love is always a risk.

I do not think it is cheating and who knows maybe this what you need to get over it knowing you can move on and have a life sounds very nice to me.

In additional to already having to get all new credit cards, I had to close my bank account and get all new check! I guess I am saying, I feel like I've already been single! Each person is responsible in a partnership and that is what you are doing protecting your side to the partnership.

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