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19-Sep-2020 10:48

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Or you might have sensed all the tension just below the surface, like a volcano waiting to blow.

The constant lying, manipulation, and harsh parenting makes it hard to trust people.

You’re incredibly hard on yourself and struggle to forgive or love yourself.

During childhood, you came to believe that you’re fundamentally flawed and the cause of the family dysfunction.

This limits the amount of intimacy you can have with your partner and can leave you feeling disconnected.mean your partner has a mental illness, but the effects of having an alcoholic parent can greatly affect your partner’s mental health, especially if the parent is still abusing alcohol (or other substances…addiction does not discriminate!) The effects of parental substance abuse are far-reaching and often last for the adult child’s entire life.Shame and loneliness Shame is the feeling that you’re bad or wrong and unworthy of love.

There are so many things that alcoholic families don’t talk about – to each other and especially to the outside world. When there are things so awful that they can’t be talked about, you feel there is something awful about you and that you’ll be judged and cast away.What if your partner’s parent is still in the picture?

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