Dating aussie farmers

26-Jan-2020 15:26

So great is the spectre of suicide that she is reluctant to leave his side.The Goldings, who have five children, had lofty hopes for the farm when they set it up in western Queensland eight years ago.Leonie Young, the chief executive of beyond-blue, said: "Rural men will say: 'No worries, mate, come and have a beer', however dire things may be. Talking about feelings just isn't okay."There is a great resilience and resourcefulness among rural people.They feel they have the stoicism to endure whatever life dishes up.When Clare isn’t busy looking for deals, you’ll find her eating avo on toast, drinking a protein shake or trying out the latest fitness craze.Last night’s launch of episode 8 left me cringing and questioning ‘is this what women have come to’?I get that its reality TV, but surely we can still have entertaining viewing without cringing at our fellow Aussie females.As my Mum would always say it’s easy to be cheap, but it takes certain qualities to rise up to be a lady.

But it is the taciturn temperament of many outback farmers that puts them at particular risk.

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