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19-Jun-2020 14:50

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If you are selling a digital product on the Internet without employing an effective file protection system, it's like leaving the back door or your jewelry store open all night while you sleep. It doesn't matter that most of the people who take advantage of your vulnerable situation don't think of themselves as 'real' thieves.

It doesn't matter that many of those who share unauthorized copies are doing so because they like your products so much - the products you work so hard to create.

is incredibly simple to integrate with your website and products! (They only have to enter the code the first time they use it.) 5.

Once you purchase and download your copy, installing and using it is an effortless click-and-go process! But just in case you need it, you'll receive detailed, step-by-step instructions. You purchase, download and install to modify your digital product file (to "lock" the file by requiring a license code before it will be accessible). You check the usage statistics that are automatically monitored by . If you see several different IP numbers for one license, you know the file has been shared and you can disable the product with a click of your mouse.

Install the KFX Input plugin to automatically locate all of the files that make up a KFX format book and gather them into a KFX-ZIP.

After the De DRM plugin removes the DRM, then the KFX Input plugin will package it into a single KFX file.

They go from site to site, ordering whatever strikes their fancy.To leave a comment, see the previous post: DRM Removal Tools for e Books.De DRM_tools_6.6.3can be downloaded from DRM_tools/releases/tag/v6.6.3 This release includes the first support for Kindle for PC 1.25.1’s new key file, .kinf2018.If a customer obtains a refund, you can disable their copy with a click of the mouse. is undoubtedly the most comprehensive solution for your digital product protection needs!

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It's full of features you shouldn't be without for another minute, and it will save you thousands of dollars in lost sales!

And then they take advantage of the generous money-back guarantees!