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05-Dec-2019 13:50

I got a phone call message which said someone would be by my home and place of employment to give me a summons. Then later I called the number back and spoke with someone.

They said I had this old debt, I told them that I never had such a card. —TJBelieve it or not, there are varying degrees of debt collection scams.

Debt collectors are required to inform you of who they work for, and the debt they are contacting you about.

Legitimate debt collectors in this day and age have larger, more well put together web sites, and a strong web presence in general.

That is just how that kind of escalated collection action works.

There is such a low probability that a legitimate debt collector will both threaten you with an “or else” set to happen same day (or close to it), while simultaneously suggesting your payment will put a stop to it, that the chance of this being a fake debt collection scam are high.

Many consumer law attorneys will take these kinds of collection violations on at no charge to you, and instead are paid by the other side. You could see some money back for your trouble too.

It is imperative for everyone who is harassed or abused by a debt collector to take action.Nowadays, between my site, and many others that are part of my daily activity and news feed, I see a reference to some fake debt collector on a near daily basis.