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By inserting anecdotes in with complex didactic information, presenter Dr.

Onur Güntürkün, Professor of Biological Psychology at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany, made the topic accessible and compelling.6. The audience came to your talk so they really do want to hear what you have to say. I’ve seen countless presenters stand in front of a microphone yet somehow manage not to talk into it.

Giving presentations is an important part of sharing your work and achieving recognition in the larger medical and scientific communities.

The ability to do so effectively can contribute to career success.

One of the most enjoyable presentations I’ve covered was on animal versus human cognition.

It dealt with the evolution and activation of different parts of the brain.

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That’s because they’ve distilled their work to its essence, and can then talk about it at the most basic level as well as the most complicated.If you’re presenting from a sitting position, sit up in your seat, keep your arms relaxed and away from your sides (i.e., don’t box yourself in by clasping your arms or clasping your hands in your lap).5. Not only will you appear more relaxed if you smile, but research has shown that smiling — even when forced — reduces stress.