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13-Nov-2020 08:55

In general this also applies to kissing in public places, even a bar where it’s generally more socially acceptable.He may not be comfortable just yet with sharing that kind of moment with the rest of the world.Many people in Arab countries do not practice polygamy and arranged marriage is often times simply a choice.Potential matches may be suggested but they’re allowed to find their own partner if they choose.Just going out in public with my Saudi Arabian friends, I often got nervous or disapproving looks.When I mentioned I was seeing a guy from the Middle East the most common response I got was “be careful.” This always just confused me. Usually the implication was that he was going to take me to his country and never let me go. While it made me laugh it also made me very upset to see how fundamentally misunderstood their culture is and how unwilling people are to give them a chance.Even the word Arab can be unclear because people presume Arabs are a single race.

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While he may be okay with your relationship that doesn’t mean all of his family will be as thrilled to see it plastered all over Facebook; it may have negative repercussions for his family life.If you are not interested in dating the person, make sure you make it very clear from the beginning.

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