Dating long ming nia yao

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Wen Tian trusts Ding Yao because she looks identical to his former love, Xian Yue, the former high priestess of Nan Yue.

As their journey continues, Wen Tian love for Ding Yao grows despite their occasional fights and quarrels.

The saying above is a modern version, replacing the washing board for a keyboard, and suggesting that someone types “sorry” to show their remorse. Yao: Do not even bring it up…that woman wants to fuck every night! Otherwise, how could our team motherfucking only place eighth?

Ding Yao was a normal college student studying History as her major.

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When Fairy Hu Ji, Shi You Ming's minion, came and attacked the duo, the Demon-Subduing Vase appeared from Ding Yao's clay doll .“: Just now during the Closing Ceremony, everyone saw Yao Ming hug a blonde-haired girl, right?