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The cullet included not only scraps from work areas, but beverage bottles from the plant floor as well. You will find Anchor-Hocking casseroles, serving dishes, and glasses with art work signed by Georges Briard.” 15. I know that this is the mark of the Federal Glass Company, but does that mean it isn’t worth anything? In the antiques & collectibles world, “Value” is determined not by quality, beauty or scarcity but by DEMAND. Fire-King shakers are indeed all shaped the same, but none of them are square.

I need info on odd pieces with a large F inside a shield. The “F-in-a-shield” is the mark of the Federal Glass Company. I also have mugs that have a small A inside a larger H. The “H -over- A” is the mark of the Hazel-Atlas glass company. Did the Federal Glass Company make Fire King or is this a totally different brand of glass? Thanks largely to Martha Stewart, the demand for Fire-King is huge, while equally useful glass from other companies just sits on store shelves. But, if you’re looking for an investment, start collecting Fire-King. Some of my square Jadite kitchen shakers are tall and some are short. What you have are either Jeannette or Mc Kee range shakers.

Anchor-Hocking marked almost all of its Fire-King wares but virtually none of its other Depression-Era lines. And how do I know how old it is and what it is worth? Both began making heat resistant ovenware in the 1940’s. There were others as well, such as Fry, the inventor of low-expansion heat resistant borosilicate glass (Fry Oven Glass); Mac Beth-Evans (Corning Ware and Pyrex) and Mc Kee (Glasbake). The Fire-King collecting culture is also carried along by an abundance of Fire-King research material and documents, while many of the catalogs from other companies are lost forever. At first glance they may appear to be identical, but the Mc Kee shakers are slightly taller and have wider necks. Please take a look at our pages of Jadite Reproductions to learn about some of the repros you are likely to encounter.

Anchor-Hocking calls its “heat-proof” glass Fire-King. Incidently, Mc Kee and Jeannette shakers are from the 1930’s. Are there Fire-King or jade-ite reproductions out there? More recently, a new problem has emerged for Fire-King collectors with the introduction of jade-ite2000 (aka: Fire-King2000), which was first mentioned on our Fire-King News page.

How do I tell the old Fire-King from the new Fire-King?

If my jadeite is marked Fire-King, but not Anchor Hocking –is this still dated 40’s? Any long-running highly produced pattern will go through a number of different moulds.

They come in a variety of colors and lettering styles. Initial reports indicated that the new restaurant ware would be marked with only a paper label that could easily be removed. If a manufacturing defect showed up in any piece, it could be traced back to the place and time it was produced and other pieces so marked could be recalled. Many Fire-King pieces were sold to other companies who then added their own metal stands, racks, holders, etc.

But most of what drives collectors toward vintage Fire-King made by the Anchor-Hocking company from the 1940’s through the seventies is nostalgia. After Market modifications generally add little to the value of a Fire-King piece.

White discloration can be two kinds of things: a deposit on the glass or actual removal of material from it. What is the difference between a Breakfast Bowl and a Chili Bowl? ABOVE (L to R): Chocolate, Small Restaurant, Extra Heavy.

Layers are added by such things as hard water minerals that can be removed with a solvent such as Lime Away or a mild abrasive, such as Soft Scrub or even with fine Brillo pads. Does the glass or the peach lustre finish contains lead? Shown at the left (from Left to Right) are the highly prized Breakfast bowl and, to its right, the commonly found “Chili” bowl. Breakfast bowls are sometimes found decorated with red or green ivy trim. ABOVE (L to R): Standard and Extra Heavy The most commonly found mug is the square-handled “Standard” coffee mug, which stands 3 1/2″ (88mm) high; has a diameter of 3 5/16″ (84mm) and holds a full 9 ounces.

Either condition is referred to as “sick glass.” I know of no way to correct it. Is the jadeite saucer with Jane Ray Pattern on back Fire-King or an imposter? It is priced at about twice the level of the standard mug.

The rayed bottomed saucers are an interesting Jane Ray variation. There is a mug that falls midway between the Extra-Heavy Restaurant Ware mug and the smallest, Slim Chocolate Mug: This is the Small Restaurant Mug, which stands 3 3/8″ (86mm) high, has a diameter of 3 3/16″ (81mm), and holds 7 ounces. Some logos were intended to be read looking down, through the glass.The strange thing about this piece is that my husband noticed the spelling in the back was spelled upside down, so it is a misprint...wonder if that means this piece is more rare?

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