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05-May-2020 20:54

Born two months apart in separate Bay Area towns, the 44-year-olds’ lives have played out parallel to one another.

They each lived in Fairfax, San Rafael and Petaluma. And in July 2014, they each adopted an orange-and-white kitten from Petaluma Animal Services — brothers — still without knowing about one another.

"It's not like at 14 we ever would've thought, hey, we're going to get married. He had some tragedies in his life when he was 16 to 20 years old, we've both been married to other people, and we both tried to have kids [with our first spouses] but neither of us had any.

And now we've come back together after all these years." Follow Woman's Day on Instagram.

We knew immediately the same day we met, this is different.

How great to experienced that when two people are destined to be...

It wasn't until Kim showed him a few nostalgic photos from her Facebook page that Evan realized she was the shy girl he'd shared a blanket with on the bus ride home to Tampa from Camp YMCA Blue Ridge decades before. But it never went further than that." They thought about each other over the years, but simply lost touch.

"I was 14 at the time, everything was so innocent," says Kim. "I remember going home and looking his name up in the phone book, but those were the days when you'd try to call and get a busy signal because someone was on the other line," says Kim.

Before then, last we saw of Rih and Hassan was a photo of the couple in the middle of what appeared to be an intense disagreement during their vacation in Mexico in July.

And because Rih’s the queen of memes, the singer squashed those rumors down by posting a meme of one lion cowering (Hassan) as another lion (Rihanna) yelled at it.