Dating someone lower intelligence

06-Nov-2020 03:06

While there are no measurable scientific studies that prove that women are more emotional than men, most people agree that is the case. It doesn’t matter in this context since it’s not about who is more emotional, but how you handle the emotions you have.

It’s about your ability to sense when something may be wrong and skillfully navigate the rough emotional waters.

The four attributes of emotional intelligence: All of these attributes can be taught, learned and practiced so that you can increase your EQ.

However, attempting to teach these attributes to men and have them actually grasp the concepts and practice can be maddening.

It is especially difficult for most men to accurately pick up on their partner’s emotion because they haven’t clued into the subtle, or not so subtle, clues.

Put things in my life on the back burner to understand what he’s going through but try to deal with things on my own cuz he doesn’t totally understand, too focused on what he’s dealing with. Get frustrated and both lash out at the smallest comment.We have established that a person with a low EQ also has difficulty managing their emotions.Men often react to their emotions with hostility and verbally lash out at their partner because they don’t recognize they are having an emotion. ” Instead, they are uncomfortable and try to distance themselves from whatever is making them feel that way.For example, my husband and I used to have rational disagreements until I began to prove my point.

Once he knew I was going to be right his eyes would squint and his jaw would get tighter and his tone a little crisper.

Off they go to relax while you now add frustration to the list of emotions you are managing.

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