Donghae dating jessica

24-Oct-2020 18:19

In a recent interview, Donghae revealed that he doesn't want to open his relationship to the public, not until he really ties the knot.

The idol expressed his desire to be in a relationship.

The handling of the different situations points to the way that SM Entertainment handles its more mature groups versus groups that still struggle for a foothold in the industry.

f(x), while popular, is nowhere near as popular as Super Junior and Girls' Generation.

Ticket sales for Baekhyun's musical, 'Singin' in the Rain,' went down immediately after the relationship was publicized.

If another member of EXO were to be involved in a dating scandal anytime in the near future, it seems likely that SM would deny it.

However, his comment about keeping his relationship in secret obviously makes people doubt if he really does not have any girlfriend. Music can express the moment you like a person or the moment when you part with the one you love." Donghae added, "I planned to marry when I am 28.

However, I am now 31 and my dream has not been realized.

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SM eventually confirmed Sulli's relationship with Choiza, but it came months after denials.

With the recent string of high profile SM Entertainment artists revealing that they were dating, it's worth taking a moment to consider why SM Entertainment is approving some relationships and not others.