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22-Jul-2020 19:30

As a former employee and past supporter of this ministry I too at one time firmly believed that Focus on the Family was a God-ordained vehicle of truth and deliverance.But the evidence I have uncovered in recent years speaks more of lies and damaged lives then it does of truth and deliverance.But did the ministry ever issue a public apology on any of their radio programs or in their magazines for the role they played in promoting a liar? If you contact the ministry asking for the tape you will be informed that because of concerns with the accuracy of Tom Papania's testimony they have decided to no longer endorse the man. They don't volunteer it.) But what about the many thousands of people who bought the tape and think they possess a legitimate story of Christian conversion?Unless they discover the truth about this man they will continue to believe a lie.The ministry could set the record straight on this issue using a variety of media outlets if they so desired.Focus has a very comprehensive website listing all kinds of information about the various ministries they are involved in and the products they offer (visit the website to see).

In pursuit of my daily news habit this morning, I found myself following a link to the evangelical website There is some excellent information available through the Internet regarding the deception that is tolerated and practiced by the governing body at Focus on the Family.My purpose in this writing is to inform concerned Christians of this credible information by linking them to these articles (written from Christian perspectives).It featured the story of Tom Papania and was made available to the Focus constituency via an audio cassette tape titled "From Mafia to Ministry" for the suggested donation of .

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On the tape Papania shares a story where he makes the claim that he was a top member of a New York crime family before becoming a Christian.

Problems with interracial marriage are a thing of 20th century in America.

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