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The vignettes that fill in around the musical numbers are well-filmed and the show has an overall high production value.

He uses the same formula for each show: the guest(s) are interviewed as they drive up to his upstate NY compound, he shows them around his gorgeous collection of pristine Revolutionary War residence and outbuildings, they settle into the live studio and banter back and forth while working on songs, then they cook something, have dinner, and do some more songs, ending with a closing interview.

My favorite episodes were with Joe Walsh, Sharon Jones (Dap Kings), Neon Trees, Dirty Heads, Nick Lowe and the aforementioned Fitz and the Tantrums.

With 60 episodes, there's plenty for music lovers of all kinds to choose.

It’s a tool to help me cope with all the weird things that come into my mind.

(And let me say that he looks INCREDIBLE for a guy in his mid-60s.

By the way, I've come to really like the food/cooking angle.

Rather than being an awkward add-on, the food is interesting and the guests become more relaxed and "into it" with the promise of a gourmet dinner.

The songs are all about forgiveness, love and passion, which basically sums up the whole vibe of what we’re about as a band, professionally and spiritually.” In the opening “Sins of my Youth,” Tyler reminisces about a childhood of trial, error and eventual self-discovery.

“I’ve got these habits I cannot break… Call me crazy/I was born to make a mess.” “Your Surrender” takes Roy Orbison’s romantic plaint and sets it up against Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound, while “Girls and Boys in School” speaks for itself, with a playground chant over a dark yet sing-along synth-pop chorus.The singer Fitz from FATT has many of the same great qualities as Daryl Hall in both his voice and his approach to perfectly done blue-eyed soul.

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