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10-Jul-2020 01:34

With the coming of Prime Minister Abiy, a committee was formed to arrange for the legalization of the properties,” he told Ethiopia Observer.

Many in the Muslim community complain they face discrimination in getting permits to build mosques, along with stifling restrictions on their practice of Islam.

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Others say the facts on the ground do not show that, indicating the mushrooming of mosques in the capital and many parts of the country.

However, the requested parcel of land was allotted for the Sub-City’s police station, the foundation already put.

“The police station gave up the plan and went on to secure a plot at another site, saying it was not sufficient for the purpose.

Even the Grand Anwar Mosque located in the Merkato district, a building dating from the Italian Occupation, was issued with a legal status just some months before the resignation of Hailemarim Desalegn on February 2018, according to Elias Kedir.

“Most mosques are not built on land allotted by the government but on leased and purchased plots.

However, on March 16, 2019, the Mosque members encroached and retained the space by destroying the fence, and a few days later erected a crescent moon symbol,” the Office said in a statement it published on its Facebook page.