Fearne cotton greg james dating

22-Oct-2019 14:08

And all this begs an important question – a question I’m sure has echoed silently in the hearts and minds of my generation this past decade: who actually really cares what Fearne Cotton has to say? I mean, I remember being eight years old and not caring about her on Ci TV, and I still don’t care about her now.

I mean seriously, ask yourself this, have you ever met anyone who has expressed an avid appreciation of Fearne Cotton?

It’s the former X Factor judge’s first proper relationship since her frosty split from fashion designer TOMMY HILFIGER’s rapper son Ricky in July 2015.

MEETING the parents can be one of the most nerve-racking experiences for any new couple – but when one of them is a ROLLING STONES legend, it’s a whole different story.

And he’s even dated Rita’s mate, the model DAISY LOWE, before calling an end to their three-month romance because she was too keen.