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And not just ugly in a regular way either, like straight up monsters that would have been shown in circuses a century ago.

It's really mind boggling how hideous all these abominations are. Over estimate because of constant resetting due to bad luck/RNG.2.

Emptyeyes NSMB Wii at AGDQ 2013 was bad MWvs Terrible casual co-op run where the dude's wife just bubbles herself and shakes the controller most of the time (allows you to just float through the level).

Awkward commentary, generally kind of an unpleasant vibe. Really strange, never seen anything like that happen before.

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Only game I've had issues with was Jade Empire, had a lot of problems with it, and found easy fixes for all but one issue which prevented me from continuing the game. Oh well I've played through it before a long time ago, so it's ok.

I'm sure you don't really care user but commissioning good anime tier art is expensive as fuck, even mediocre western artists will charge 100$ to half ass something, and if you want something big like a daki it can be up to 200$ per side Attached: 1502734907237(45 KB, 614x480) he was basically just showing off all the cool speedrun strats the pros usethey are very hard to pull off consistently so he had to quickload, otherwise he would just have been b-hopping through the game with no skips 2 games using 1 controller, 3 hour run, multiple resets for rng, gets to the end fucks one of them on the e4, it gets mercy killed, finishes on the other one, goes over estimate, awkward as fuck interview after Guys, are we having fun here or what?