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There's an astounding level of detail in the animation of this sequel to Pixar's iffy 2006 hit Cars.

It's good fun but, with so many characters and plot strands, it also feels cluttered and rather chaotic.

Somewhere in all Turturro's chaos is a story about Nick Murder (James Gandolfini), a blue-collar schlub with a stolid wife, Kitty (Susan Sarandon), and a trio of slightly cracked daughters -- Constance, Baby, and Rosebud (Mary-Louise Parker, Aida Turturro, and Mandy Moore, respectively) -- who function partially as a junior set of Furies but are mostly there to bash out songs in the backyard as part of the three-piece bubblegum garage band they've formed.

In short: Nick's a two-timing bastard who's stepping out on the wife with Tula (the previously mentioned Irish hussy), a fact Kitty doesn't take to overly well, and numerous friends and family get dragged into their scuffle and forcing everyone to occasionally bust out in song.

In the imaginative new animated feature Igor, director Anthony Leondis and writer Chris Mc Kenna try to change our perception of the often marginalized character.

While there's imagination to spare, the storyline is often bogged down by obvious animation conventions.

But he also saddled his studio with a tough film to market.

I was early — about 45 minutes before the 8 PM start time, so I was surprised that there were quite a few vehicles already parked around the hall.

Continue: Valkyrie Trailer Igor is the Rodney Dangerfield of cinematic sidekicks.

With rare exceptions (Marty Feldman's turn in Young Frankenstein), the deformed lab assistant gets little horror movie respect.

Continue reading: Romance & Cigarettes Review The jazzy music, saturated-to-bleeding colors, and even the credits font make it clear from the outset: Ocean's Thirteen is more variety show than heist thriller.

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The gang of thieves from Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Twelve is re-assembled, and while their new scam is more of a group effort than the scattered riffing of Twelve, its building-block cons are as cool and varied as ever.Even the legendary Bela Lugosi balked at the suggestion that he play one alongside a then relatively unknown Boris Karloff.

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