Italian dating and marriage

26-Jul-2020 17:07

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To kick off a wedding reception, the bridal party is kept apart from the rest of the guests for approximately an hour and served cocktails during this time.After cocktail hour is over, guests gather in the main dining area while the bridal party enters the room.In days past, an Italian bride did not wear a white dress but instead a dress in the color green (which symbolized fertility).

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Energy is already buzzing around the room as the couple dances their first dance, followed by the members of the bridal party and finally, the guests. After a few dances everyone takes their seats and then speeches (given by family and friends) begin.

What would an Italian wedding be without food and fun?

Italian wedding receptions today are lavish, full of energy and place a tremendous emphasis on food and drink.

There was a practical reason for this also: many Italian citizens took their vacations in August and it was thought that there would be low attendance at weddings.

All other months of the year were allowed for weddings.

The new couple is treated to more than their fair share of champagne toasts throughout the speeches.