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The four oldest Duggar girls share an inside look at what it's like to be a Duggar kid.

As the girls look at different relationships in their lives and share personal stories and perspectives, readers will learn how they resolve conflict, what their dreams are for the future, how they approach dating, and much more.

Childhood sweethearts Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar believe that children are gifts from God.

And in more than 20 years of marriage, they've received 18 such presents--10 boys and 8 girls--and are expecting number 19.

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C., meets Dolly Parton, and helps the Bates family add a giant addition to their house.

I’m gonna put in these vowels, and we’re gonna call you this, y’know. What we can be certain of is that Io cannot be the name of God in Hebrew.

If I were God, I would be more upset at that but Io is the true name of God, and the Hebrews used it.” Mike Oppenheimer: Io, the Hebrews used it? First: “I” and “o” are both vowels in Hebrew, not letters.

Daniel Kikawa: “It’s that book, actually, that opened my mind.

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Because we don’t realize we see things in such a view from our culture and what we learned.

No matter how Kikawa wants to apply the pronunciation to another language they are not the same.