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Talking about her family background, her father Fayez Abdel Messih Marcos died a long time ago while her mother Charlotte Georges Farag died at the age of 85 on 3 November 2013.

Vivian has two sisters, Venise Fayez and Rosette Attia, and a brother named Ragui Marcos.

While she likes to identify herself as an African American, she also has some white, Cuban, and Caribbean ethnicity.

Shortly after her graduation, Morgan interned on program.

Before working as a hardcore journalist, Vivian worked as a freelancer with various media outlets as a writer and a reporter.

Through her career as a journalist, Vivian reached a great height of success, which further helped her to earn not only a significant amount of salary but also immense respect for her courage.

As for how she met David, she posted a picture on her Instagram with a long message where she explained her meeting with David. It seems she is currently happy in just being in a relationship with David and will take her full time before finally deciding to settle down for good.

She states that the two met in college and from there on started a friendship that would eventually end up in them being in a relationship.

The real question is, who is she behind all the news? In one Twitter post, Morgan revealed that her grandparents migrated to Cuba from Jamaica.By 2012, she had joined network for correspondents.