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You can read all about MRTG here, but here are some brief notes. You will need to install and enable Windows SNMP on your PC for monitoring of the PC to work. If you are already running a local Web server its /mrtg/ directory might be a suitable choice, if it has one. Leave the "Timezone[_]: UTC" as reporting world-wide is in UTC and not local time. : Realtek PCI GBE Family Controller Physical Address. : Enabled Ethernet adapter House LAN: Connection-specific DNS Suffix . You may also need to see whether Passive or Active FTP works best for you.

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I actually use WS_FTP Pro for uploading as it allows me just to upload changed files, but the supplied Windows FTP command will work as does Move It Freely (which is perhaps a little more reliable). Filename: @echo off cls set cmcspath=C:\Tools\novra\cmcs set ip= set password=Novra-S2 set tmppath=%temp% set cmcslog=%tmppath%\%cmcspath%\cmcs -ip %ip% -pw %password% -csv1status %cmcslog% NUL for /F "tokens=11 delims=," %%i in (%cmcslog%) do set snr=%%i del %cmcslog% set point=%snr:~1,1% if %point% == . Users have to set the cmcs path, ip address and password of their receiver.Once you have MRTG downloaded and expended into a directory such as C:\Tools\, you should find directories including: The configuration file is named mrtg.cfg, and should be edited in notepad. To keep the file relatively clean, I have used the "include" ability to add monitoring for the various parameters I need.

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Using Include files means that if you edit and break something you can just comment out the Include file while you sort out the problem. Most of this information related to the Ayecka SR1 receiver, which has excellent monitoring capabilities, but some of the throughput and Telli Cast loss monitoring can be dome with any receiver. : Ethernet adapter House LAN: Connection-specific DNS Suffix .