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Rabbis, understandably, are enraged."Of course they are ALREADY putting pressure on this site," Jerry said in an e-mail."But this site is only intended for adults who can think for themselves and make their own judgments."Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, author of "Kosher Adultery: Seduce and Sin with Your Spouse," said he was saddened by the site."Adultery is going to do nothing to your marriage except destroy it," he told The Post. Manhattan's million-dollar billboard.That's nearly the amount the city is fining a coop board, billboard company and two installers over a giant sign on a building near Astor Place.More than 70 violations - totalling 5,000 - have been doled out over the single billboard, which the Buildings Department says violates zoning laws.

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Steven Gold, founder and director of Yoga and Judaism Centre in Atlanta, told the daily he is "most familiar with a short answer provided from the Chabad perspective -- Yoga's physical exercise can be kosher as long as it remains within the context of physical fitness and stress management."Schmidt, who grew up as a secular Jew and became observant through Chabad, said she believes Eastern philosophies are about going into oneself.

The groups slapped with the hefty fines call them shockingly high since signs have been plastered on the structure for more than 70 years."It's absolutely outrageous, especially in this economy," said Ari Noe, CEO of OTR Media.

"It's great income for the building owners."The hubbub over the billboard, which currently advertises Boost Mobile, is the latest in a series of disputes between sign companies and the city.

She also pointed out that few people like her, both in Israel and abroad, adopted some kind of Jewish-Kabalistic approach to yoga such as focusing on Bible texts or Hebrew letters.

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"What we do in my studio, however, is entirely neutral," Schmidt, a trained ballet and jazz dancer, said."The orthodox Jews wouldn't come if the classes included Eastern spirituality.The concept of 'kosher', a Hebrew word meaning fulfilling requirements of Jewish laws, is being applied to yoga practices in Israel and other parts of the world where the Jewish community is debating on its adoption in view of certain principles that may be contrary to Jewish laws.