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I had just finished that morning the final exams in my accounting and banking degree and I was, I guess, blowing off some steam walking through London, having been overwhelmed with studying for difficult exams for weeks.Suddenly, like hitting a brick wall, the rigorous exam period was over, and unlike 24 hours ago when I had had my book wormish nose buried in economics textbooks, I now had nothing to do with the hours.I remember I had just finished up ice skating at Broadgate, which is a gorgeous circular ice rink tucked in the heart of Liverpool street, and not wanting to go home to my horrible flatmates, I was stranded for the night, complete with Hello Kitty hoodie and my figure skating bag over my shoulder. So I didn't catch the tube home, and I walked for hours through London's medieval streets. I walked all the way from Liverpool Street until I reached Monument and stood opposite pudding lane.It was a good time to think about Samuel Pepys' diary, the casualness and ferocity of that great fire of 1666 an ironic analogy to the one burning inside my head.The only thing to comfort the passing traveler is the occasional homeless "Big issue" magazine seller braving the cold as unlike the many strangers who walk by you in silence, those magazine sellers by the Thames river have a reason to be nice, as they breathe warm air into their cupped hands to warm their gloved fingers in the biting cold.It's strange to say, but lost in London's architecture it can be a lonely and existentially daunting experience.Maybe it's the way that rainy snow settles on the ripples in the Thames with nothing but the neon lights of the Tate Gallery shadowed across the river in the distance to remind you that people are partying everywhere, but you. Whatever the case, this time of year in London, it gets dark at 4pm in the afternoon, and as always, people walk silently pass you in the street, even at Christmas. I've no plans on moving back across the pond anytime soon.

Maybe it's the fact that it's freezing, but not cold enough to turn the slush into beautiful white snow flakes. Or the fact that when I look around on the tube, I feel like I'm the only white English face, a stranger in my own city. London swells to over 14 million people during the day, but the isolation of it, and the way people don't communicate there can be so different to Brooklyn which is now home.” Lyra asked.“Moondancer attempted to ask Vinyl to help teach her sign language.” Octavia explained before Vinyl signed something in response. She looked over to her friends, Bon Bon giving her a knowing smirk.“What is it, Bon? You like learning stuff, do you know about Cryptozoology? Rainbow Dash explained your side and showed me your evidence.” She said.“I'm going to forego detention this once…but please refrain from violence in our halls.”“Yes ma'am.” Lightning said.“If anyone asks, I'm putting you on working detention. My best friend is as well, I got no issues if you were or weren't. One stood in the opposite end.“Girls, this is-”“Moondancer.” The black haired one spoke. “One of the smartest girls in Canterlot High.” She took a sip from her drink before glancing over at her.

He...didn't have the support we can give now.” She admitted. I don't want someone to be abused for what they find attractive.” She glanced back. Random chick just jumping into your life like this…”“No, I really do appreciate's ever really cared..I'm sorry about your friend.” She said quietly.“Wait ‘til you meet the girls. Lightning walked her to a table, five girls, four sitting around it.

“But yes, you're free to head home.”Lightning and Moondancer walked down the halls. ” She asked.“I feel like I should go home…” Moondancer looked down, fiddling with her bag.“Alright.” Lightning shrugged, “Do you feel comfortable enough to walk by yourself or would you like me coming along? “She's already headed to Luna about you, which means she's already trying to get you out of the equation.”“I'm'll take more than that. “Tough cunt wants ta fuckin’ sound like she’s more than a meat’ead.”Lightning took a deep breath before turning. ”“Without a doubt.” Lightning answered immediately, which earned a grin from the taller girl.“Easy now. ”“Walk away if you’re not gonna swing.”The girl rolled her head as she chuckled, a sudden right hook hit Lightning’s jaw. ” A man said, leaning out of the door to the gym.“Lucky you.” The girl grinned down at her.“Keep thinking that.” Light smirked.