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25-Sep-2020 11:30

We don't find anything romantic about whistles, name-tags or over-the-top party trimmings typically found at singles events so we have done away with them.

Creating an atmosphere that is at once casual and comfortable. For those that prefer the same simplified experience in matchmaking we offer our 'Date Nights' free of contracts or commitments.

Think of it this way: you throw out a topic, a caller sets the table, and you jump in and juggle the plates. Fred Jacobs founded Jacobs Media in 1983, and quickly became known for the creation of the Classic Rock radio format.

Great air personalities have killer improv chops and even more killer listening skills. And people, when you boil it down, are in the business of meeting basic human needs. (Side note: radio sales needs to get a bigger piece of that billion, don’t you think? Funny is funny and a great story told well entertains your audience whether they live in a condo or a cabin. Jacobs Media has consistently walked the walk in the digital space, providing insights and guidance through its well-read national Techsurveys.

A low key, sophisticated approach to dating in Phoenix.

Preferring a 'less is more' environment devoid of typical event trappings.

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Meeting your special someone shouldn't be anything but a comfortable and relaxed experience.

Sheri Lynch is an award-winning radio broadcaster, recognized multiple times by the Alliance for Women in Media for her outstanding and realistic depiction of women.