Rebbetzin jungreis dating

11-Jun-2020 16:18

Mayan had raised funds from local Jews and private donors to help sponsor the visit, fulfilling a dream of Tatiana Paradny-Gabriel, 27, one of tens of thousands of Jews from the former Soviet Union now living in Germany.“Rebbetzin Jungreis literally saved my life,” says Paradny-Gabriel, a singer who met Jungreis while studying in New York.Though it was getting late, Jungreis made time for one more question at the Berlin event as the guard paced impatiently.“What about people who lost their faith after communism — what do they have to do to keep their faith? “Even the most hardened Jew is a Jew,” Jungreis said.The guard, his arms folded across his chest, raised his eyebrows and waited. ” Jungreis, 67, is more than accustomed to questions.In an upstairs meeting room, several young Jewish women sat around a table talking with Jungreis, in town recently on her second visit from New York in less than a year. As founder of the Hineni Heritage Center, a 31-year-old Jewish outreach program in New York, she thrives on them as she works to spread her brand of Orthodox Judaism.

“Lying in his hospital bed, he opened his eyes and said, ‘Let’s talk the truth.“I was in a very difficult situation at the time,” she says, without divulging details.