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11-Sep-2020 20:36

continue reading » The Late Period, Dynasties 26 to 30, ends with conquest of Egypt first by the Persians. Conventional Egyptian dates in this paper follow Grimal Grimal, 1992. Josephus thought the Exodus took place about 1062 years before the destruction of Jerusalem or 1652.

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Because of time & space, I’m not going to wade into the debate (in this blog) about the location/identification of the Red Sea?

The Bible points to a date for the Exodus in the 15th Century B. and the archaeological evidence, as interpreted by Bimson, corresponds very closely to, the biblical chronology. Bimson argues forcefully and with great clarity (as well as in considerable detail) for his theory which runs counter to current scholarly opinion.

A critical examination of the thirteenth century dating of the Exodus.

The two main pillars of the thirteenth century date -- Other arguments used to support the thirteenth century date -- The implication of the Old Testament's chronological material -- Palestinian archaeology and the early date for the Exodus.

Jericho -- An excursus: Bichrome Ware and ceramic chronology -- Hazor -- Other conquest traditions and the end of the Middle Bronze Age.

(2) The Amarna texts record diplomatic correspondence written on ostraca about the Habiru overrunning the land of Canaan in the reign of Amenhotep III. The Jews, like the Greeks, reckoned a generation as forty years.

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