Republican dating website

03-May-2020 12:08

“I continue to hear these stories from my friends about how when they’re on these standard dating apps, they’re always told they won’t get a first date.

It’s right there in the bio,” she said, referring to the seemingly ubiquitous “Trump supporters swipe left.” “The people that do get a first date either don’t get a second date or they have to self-censor,” she continued.

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Last February, Ok Cupid added Trump-related questions to its compatibility survey and found 72% of people thought supporting the president was a deal breaker in relationships.

A 2017 survey by Ok Cupid found that 74 percent of its users considered voting for Trump a deal breaker.

That same year, a writer for the Federalist claimed that liberals’ “refusal to date conservatives is one reason we have Donald Trump,” which feels like a difficult thesis to prove.

But like Ok Cupid, e Harmony has seen the number of users willing to date people of other political stripes shrink dramatically.

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“I think there is some debate as to whether it is even possible, now, to mix people who are passionate about politics and on different sides of the fence,” he said.

When David Goss, co-founder of Trump, first started his dating site for supporters of President Donald Trump, he didn’t know how far it would go.