Roy qiu and rainie yang dating

20-Jan-2020 07:04

I’d say Rainie was about 19-20 back then, and from all accounts it was a very intense relationship.Rainie admitted years later that she loved Roy so much, and she was so young, that she tried her best to transform herself into whatever she thought he wanted.In fact, for Roy and Rainie Yang, their years long relationship early in their careers remains something both consider the most intense and unforgettable in their dating history.

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The cast and crew celebrated his 30th birthday on set this week, and the media went atwitter with the very public displays of affection between Roy and his costar Alice Ke.

Last year, rumors of a breakup arose when it was reported that Tiffany’s mother was unsatisfied with Roy’s inferior educational background and that Tiffany had transferred her affections to her costar Luo Jin (羅晉).

Although Tiffany scoffed at these claims, reporters showed no signs of relenting.

At the press conference for OG, Roy was of course asked about Rainie, and he complimented her on her acting prowess and said that when he watches her onscreen now, he feels like a viewer and she seems like a star.

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Rainie and Roy dated for quite some time during the early days when they both debuted.

Private Photo Exposed Displeased by this statement, a netizen claiming to be Tiffany’s assistant lashed out at Roy on Sina Weibo.