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These specialized seats not only provide a safe place for travel but they also act as a comfortable dog bed.Most are made out of sturdy foam core topped with fabric and fleece. Booster seats provide maximum comfort and a view for your pup. Here’s a highly rated car booster seat for small dogs that is sold by a company called Kurgo.However, a totally empty stomach can also cause nausea.A good compromise is to give a light meal an hour or so before loading so the dog isn't overly hungry but doesn't have a full belly.

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A dog riding in a truck bed is susceptible to that same gravel and dirt spray.The dog, of course, bumps hard into the side of the truck bed, almost losing balance. The straight answer is yes, there are laws against driving with dogs in the back of pickup trucks.Unfortunately, those laws are sparse and certainly not all-encompassing.If it’s forceful enough to crack a windshield, there’s no doubt it can harm a dog’s eyes, nose or even lungs if it’s breathed in.

Of course, there are also more obvious consequences, like a dog being thrown from the truck (or being slammed against the back of the cab) if the driver slams on the brakes or swerves.

Drivers of pickup trucks should always ride with their dogs in the cab and strap them to the seat with a dog-friendly car restraint.