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Some signs unleash their deepest desires within the safety of a bedroom with curtains drawn (Virgo, Capricorn), while others are turned on by the sheer question, “Why don’t we do it outside?

” (I’m looking at you, Sagittarius and Aquarius.) And, of course, some signs use sex as an opportunity to reveal their amazing performative versatility (Leo, Gemini), while others use lovemaking to explore erotic harmony (Libra, Pisces).

It’s no surprise that when it comes to sex, they’re turned on by impulsive, rapid bursts of passion that leave both partners wondering, These pants-dropping, skirt-hiking fire signs are no stranger to quickies in unusual places, so don’t be surprised if your Aries lover wants to experiment with sex outside of the bedroom.

Aries rules the head, so ask your Aries partner if they’d be into some extra hair-tousling, scalp-rubbing, or ponytail-pulling — chances are the answer will be an enthusiastic yes.

The remaining words that they hardly use fall into the “passive vocabulary” which is rarely used at all.

I would so much love to be a person who always brings up a great saying or quote into group-conversations!

I guess when it comes to eloquence, there is nothing worse than those persons who simply don’t stop talking.

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A well-delivered wit is one that is brief and concise.

As a witty person, you can easily win people over; you can influence and charm people easily, you can turn around any situation into something positive and generally, a witty person will always find themselves to be the center of attraction in any situation, event or gathering. Being witty is a unique ability to think on your feet and be able to come up with a clever or comical observation about the situation on the ground. The only thing needed is a high motivation and the desire to become a more witty and eloquent person.

So, when you see your favorite speaker, writer or entertainer churning out impressive bon mots, one-liners and puns effortlessly, you wonder how they can do that.

This placement is only the beginning of a deeper astrological profile, but it can reveal your general attitude towards sex: what turns you on, how you set the mood, and your unique style of doin’ it.

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While some signs prefer a slower, more sensual approach to seduction (Taurus, Cancer), others are extremely aroused by hair-tousling, “do me now” passion (Aries, Scorpio).

I often feel like going back to the person and adding something to that conversation which has taken place quite some time ago — which, of course, never happens in reality (I would often love to do it but I guess it would be quite creepy! However, I really often feel like I am missing the right answers, so I did a little research on how to be a little more eloquent and I would love to share my insights.

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