Sophos updating credentials

15-Jun-2020 12:51

Cached credentials allow a user to access machine resources when a domain controller is unavailable.

After a successful domain logon, a form of the logon information is cached.

Sophos Anti-Virus uses a username and password to automatically download updates.

These credentials are valid for around 14 months and expire around November each year.

The endpoint software is required to communicate with Sophos Central Admin to obtain updating credentials and to therefore download the anti-virus component of the product.

- To provide reassurance on a common concern, since scanning runs locally on each machine, confidential files such as those containing employees' home addresses will not be transmitted to the cloud.

Once they have expired, Sophos will no longer be updated, and your computer will be more vulnerable to new viruses etc. This may or may not be an influencing factor in your short term decision - Consider a staged approach. Thanks Suggest you check out - Not all Enterprise feature is available in Central and it is in progress.SSPR solutions typically allow a user to easily reset her Active Directory password.

This is great when a user is authenticating directly against a domain controller but not so good when a user, especially a remote user, is logging onto a machine or a VPN connection using Windows cached credentials.Basically, this scenario—supported with solutions like Web Active Directory’s People Password product—occurs when users who don’t regularly log directly into a domain and authenticate against a domain controller forget their Windows password.

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