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21-Aug-2020 20:59

I am looking for that special someone to share time with, I have 2 children who's schedule have to be worked in as well....I’d never been to media day with the Texas Legends before. Will I be slightly caught on camera during an interview so that only my left ear will appear on the nightly news? What I found very quickly was that it didn’t seem too far off from speed-dating.I can’t stress this enough: these guys love to play basketball and tirelessly work on honing their skills and perfecting their craft to achieve their dream goal of making an NBA roster.But for all the lottery-level dollar signs you might normally hear attached to professional athletes, know that the base salary of a G League player is ,000 per season.I sat in a chair with two empty chairs in front of me and waited for the players to sit down for a few minutes’ worth of a little chit-chat, a little banter, a little mildly rousing repartee. I parked my modest truck in the parking garage, but then wondered if I would’ve been better off sitting on the hood of a Trans-Am with the T-Tops off outside the arena blaring “Jessie’s Girl” to really turn some heads. I asked 14 out of the 15 players on the roster at the time some general and specific questions to hopefully create a comfortable “gettin’ to know ya” sort of vibe, and while fielding different answers from each there was one constant from all.Should I tell them I already have kids, or do I see if there’s a second date first? These guys love to play basketball, and they’d play basketball. For those who need a very baseline introduction, the Texas Legends are a part of the NBA G League, formerly known as the National Basketball Development League and NBA Development League professionally and the D-League casually if you’re cool in an effortless sort of way.

The problem was that I’ve never done actual speed dating before either, so just go with the metaphor and picture how far out of my element I was. I wore a sensible pair of khakis, but then questioned if I should’ve shown more leg.

I used to take my (at the time) five-year-old daughter, and she had more fun than I did with its family-friendly, kid-centric atmosphere.

It’s wallet-friendly and budget-centric too with tickets starting at , and there’s not a bad seat in the house unless you’re next to an annoying fan of the other team.

Add to that list an emerging group of singles in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and seniors who are interested in dating, meeting new people and being active socially.

Not “hooking up” but finding someone genuine who is also looking for a deeper connection.

basically, we know all the fun Dallas things to do when you’re jumping into the dating scene, including fun events and local adventures that make for great ways to meet great local singles.