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17-Oct-2019 23:18

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if you go to their house I swear they will have the Tennis channel on television.

It will probably be some previously recorded match from Beijing between Alexandr Dolgopolov and Radek Stepanek, but they WILL WATCH IT and will not be happy if you change the channel haha.

I'd condense them by at least half - keep in the money bits.

Ill post some updates shorter emails for younger chicks when I get a few.

It seems like we might have a ton in common - we're both southerners, tennis aficionados, artsy, and well-traveled.

I actually played tennis in college for a couple of years and my parents are TOTAL junkies...

I intend for this to be a "living thread" that I'll add to as needed.

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You'll stand out with strong emails and then when you meet on a date you're alpha, cool, confident, etc. Judging from your profile you may have even lived there for a spell - I'm very interested in visiting (I think I'd rank it second on my hit list behind Japan) and hope to make it happen in 2013.Well I'll let you go for now, but I hope that you're having a great weekend Cheers, Mike Subject: You'd be impressed with my Netflix DVD queue ...very British comedy / Period piece / documentary heavy on my recommendations and queue So hey - I really enjoyed your profile and thought I'd drop you a line.Okay I'll let you go but one other anecdote - this morning I was reaching up in my closet to try and find my gloves for my dog's walk...

I hadn't bothered to find them yet this year but I'm tired of having freezing hands on these walks.

Actually if this thread ever got bumped I was going to agree with you in regards to girls aimed in the 20-28 range.