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Perets was at the time under the influence of a type of nationalism, and in this poem he expressed his distaste and ethnic pain for Hassidic daughters who were the forerunners of assimilation in Poland. One of them was Yankev Dinezon, and from that point there began the great friendship between the two men, a friendship from which developed a close collaboration and a loyalty until death separated them. In this first booklet were included several stories, such as “Der meshulekh” (The messenger), “Vos heist neshome” (What is the soul? ), and “Der meshugener batlen” (The mad Talmudist), which already firmly marked Perets’s path in literature. Nodel; there is also here a translation of Perets’s “ Works about Perets include: 1. Using the pen name Yisroel Shvergemut, he wrote for the journal “Briv oys varshe” (Letter from Warsaw), and under the pseudonym Di Bin, he was in charge of a section dubbed “Shtedt un shtedlekh” (Cities and towns). Although in 1901 (an alternate version of Perets’s birthdate is May 25, 1851) people celebrated a double jubilee for him—fifty years of life and twenty-five as a writer—in reality, the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth was the beginning of the creative work that established him at the forefront of Yiddish literature. His love poems marked a new phenomenon in Hebrew poetry, insofar as they were erotically unbridled and to that extent they were a form of resistance to the Enlightenment poem which was fearful of singing concretely of love but only in a stilted manner.

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He published in the weekly: “Oyb nisht nokh hekher” (If not higher), “Khsidish” (Hassidic), “A gilgl fun a nign” (Metamorphosis of a melody), and “Tsvishn tsvey berg” (Between two mountains)—writings which belong to the most important of his creative work.

The fact that the family was non-Hassidic should be especially noted, for in his later years Perets achieved the apogee of a writer’s mission both in his Hassidic tales and in his “folk stories” which have within them the kernels of Hassidism.

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